I'm also a game designer. I've been making games for ten years. I love to write code, but I also like RPG Maker...a lot! I've made a web game, and PC games. Here they are:

The NaNoWriMoWriting Game (The link died...Hosting is tough sometimes, sorry!)
This game was designed for NaNoWriMo(National Novel Writing Month). Get as many points as you can before your enemies, and beat your score. Wait... How do you play you say? Well, you have to write! Write as quickly as you can, and reach those daily word goals in a fun, stimulating way! 

Fae Rebirth
This fantasy game is made with RPG Maker. Sadly, it is likely discontinued as a series.

The first thing Elyn can remember is waking up alone in a forest. After saving a shifter named Kel from soldiers, she gets swept away on his quest to liberate magical creatures from the rule of humans. Traveling north towards a vast mountain range where the key to their success resides is hard enough. Unfortunately, champions of the human king are after them and will stop at nothing to prevent them from succeeding. However, the most dangerous thing of all may not be their enemies, but the secrets surrounding Elyn’s past...and what she’s turning into.