Here is some information about my novels. My current series is a fantasy called Sirena's Children. It's about mermaids, magic and Greek mythology.

There are four books in the Sirena's Children series so far. The first is The Ocean's Call.

When Cassie moves from the oceanless Rocky Mountains to a small fishing town in California, she expects the worst. But when she sees the ocean she immediately feels it calling to her. Not long after her first swim in salt water, she learns that not only can she hold her breath for six hours, she has grown a tail! Cassie is a mermaid, and after awhile it becomes apparent that something bigger is at play. Desperate to find the truth about her birth parents, she searches for answers. Discovering sunken ships and stone tablets written in ancient Greek is only the beginning. With the help of her friends and her newly found powers, she just might figure out what's going on, before it's too late. . .

After the twisted events of Halloween, Cassie wants nothing to do with her siren kin. When a strange boy shows up at her school, however, she is inevitably pulled deeper into their world. Not only is David Turner a siren, he's supposedly her future mate. New complications arise during the next full moon. The power of the Blood Moon running through her veins acts up, causing her and Sirena to unleash something from the darkest depths of the ocean. A malevolent sea daemon that should only exist in myths and legends. It brings with it promises of death, destruction, and the downfall of Cassie's entire world.

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When the sirens give everyone Cassie cares about an incurable illness, she must travel across the globe in search of a mythical artifact. Selene's Stone. The stone is possibly the only thing that can cure her loved ones. With only days left before they die, Cassie finally finds it but with terrible consequences. The titaness herself, Selene, sends Cassie on an impossible quest to the least likely of places...the past. Saving those she loves is proving hard enough without her new complications. Not only is she falling in love with a merman from another time, she is caught up in the choas of the last Myth War. Worse yet, the side she's trapped on could pit her against Sirena, her father, and her betrothed, David. Desperate not to change time, Cassie must race to save the past and future, or all could be lost...