Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Queen Of Overdue Blogging Returns

I think I've outdone myself as the queen of overdue blogging. I haven't been actively blogging in a long time, but here are some reasons why.

  1. I'm not just an author anymore. As the years have gone by, I've developed an obsessive love and passion for animating web series.
  2. Book sales are plummeting for everyone. The indie book market is so over saturated, that I'm getting fewer and fewer readers every year. It's pretty disheartening, and while I'll always keep writing books, they're not a good source of supplemental income for me anymore.
  3. Since I'm mostly creating art and animation now, I tend to post those updates on sites besides this one. I honestly don't have much of anything book related to blog about. I'm thinking I should post more on here again, though, so this blog may evolve out of mostly being about books.

Okay, so now that I've finished explaining that, here are some fun updates for you. Firstly, I'm working on a new book this year. It's not Sirena's Children related, but I'd like a change for once as I've been writing that series for six years now. Don't worry, though, Sirena's Children will continue too. It's a story I care about a lot, and I wouldn't dream of quitting, especially with all the exciting stuff I have planned for book five.

Anyway, back to this new book I'm writing this year. It's a dark urban fantasy featuring a male lead for once. I made a cool little cover for it last week, and it gives me a lot of inspiration on its own. I'll be working on it for this July's Camp NaNoWriMo, and possibly for the main event in November.

You can also read chapter 1 for free on my patreon if you'd like.

My second fun announcement is that I've been making animated web series with plenty more episodes to come. I'm even working on 2D animated content for the future. 3D animation is my forte, but illustrations are so amazing and fun animate with that I can't help myself. A 2D animated web series is a dream project for me. In any case, if you like my stories, you might enjoy what I've made so far and what I'll be coming out with this fall. So here is my youtube channel:

Thank you so much for reading this. I hope you're having a great summer, too. Later, folks!