Thursday, December 22, 2016

That time when everyone from Sirena's Children played Lavardian Online

A couple years ago I tried to make a real life version of Lavardian online. (Harper and Cody's MMO from the books) I only got a little past the chat and account systems. So in preparation for Nanowrimo one time, I had an epic Lavardian chat session with myself and my cast of characters from Sirena's Children. It was weird and kind of fun. So since I was just thinking of it, I thought I'd share it.

Lizzie: Hey.
Elisabeth: Hi! How are you>
Lizzie: You forgot the question mark. :P
Elisabeth: ha ha ha
Lizzie: These self conversations are really boring. You do know that, right?
Elisabeth: LOL yeahhh....
Anne: Hello. I'm Anne.
Elisabeth: Hi Anne! Welcome to the game.
Anne: ^__^
Lizzie: Sigh... what game? There isn't anything here yet.
Anne: ...
Elisabeth: Lizzie. You have a serious attitude problem.
Lizzie: Yeah right. I'm just being honest. This game is boring and needs serious work. Bye.
Anne: No!!! Don't go!
Lizzie: ...?????.....
Elisabeth: Well. I guess it's just you and me, Anne.
Anne: Yep.
Elisabeth: Man! I miss Lizzie!
Anne: ... :(
Elisabeth: You're great too, my middle name gal.
Anne: Uh huh. I know you don't like that middle name very much so don't lie.
Elisabeth: Sigh... you win.
Lizzie: I'm back. Did you miss me?
Elisabeth: Lizzie! YES!!!
Lizzie: Don't get too clingy or I'll leave again. :P
Elisabeth: ...
Anne: :( You guys are so much closer than me!
Lizzie: Uh. I wouldn't say we're exactly close. heh *sweats*
Elisabeth: We just like bickering at each other.
Anne: You were right Lizzie. This game is boring.
Anne: bye! x(
Elisabeth: Erm... she's weirder than me.
Lizzie: Let's agree to disagree on that.
Elisabeth: You suck.
Lizzie: Dido.
Anne: Hi again.
Elisabeth: Be silent, ye Jade or ye will die!
Anne: huh?
Lizzie: Wierdo...
Elisabeth: We need to be silent for testing purposes, Jades. xD
Cassie: Aarrrg! I hate that word!
Cassandra: Tis a foul word.
Harper: What happened to Lavardian, Cassie?! It's so boring now!
Cassandra: Don't you mean "tis so boring now"?
Harper: Not funny.
Cody: What's up, ladies?
Elisabeth: Get out of here, Cody! Girls only!
Cody: Make me. :P
David: I heard this game was opening for men too?
Elisabeth: You heard wrong! Get out of my game! :( Nah. JK
Evan: So lads are allowed now, eh?
David: Define lads. If you mean men, then you don't count.
Elisabeth: LOL
Ariston: Hello, David.
David: No one invited you, Ariston!
Ariston: What, I can't pay my half brother a visit? Shouldn't you be honored I even acknowledge you considering what your traitorous mother did?
David: That is going to far!
David: Ariston, son of Galen! I challenge thee to a duel!
Ariston: ...
Anne: That isn't possible right now.
Evan: Why not?
Evan: I want to see David get beat up!
Elisabeth: Because we can only use the chat feature so far.
Harper: You have totally ruined this game.