Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Overdue Updates About My Book etc.

Hey guys. This is a long overdue update about the status of my fourth book, "The Gates Of Myth", as well as something else.

I had honestly thought and hoped I'd have The Gates Of Myth published by now, but some unfortunate stuff happened. My noveling software stopped working due to technical issues on my laptop, and so I'm having a tough time remembering what order some chapters and scenes are supposed to be in. I also am going to have to do more re-writing than ever, because I rushed things too much. My heart wasn't in the writing of this book enough, and the quality really suffers in some places. I'll be working on correcting all this in November, so hopefully it will be published for the holidays. I really can't tell you how sorry I am that this has taken so long. It was never my intention for things to play out this way, and I feel really bad.

Writing in general has been tough for me, because I've shifted a lot of my focus to animating web series. I've had many hours of both fun and stress bringing some new stories to life for others to enjoy. They're on Youtube and Amazon for free if you'd like to see what I'm up to. I'm pretty surprised and a bit disheartened, though. A couple people have given both my series some terrible reviews. I know that they're worth more than that, and considering the amount of work my voice actors and I have put into them, I'd hate for those ratings to stay that way. However, I respect people's honest opinions. I don't like haters, but valid points are meaningful. In any case. I would really appritiate it if anyone interested in checking out my animated web series would let me know what they think in their own words. A review or two would mean a lot to me. So, thank you if you do that.