Sunday, February 7, 2016

Early access to "The Gates Of Myth" and other cool stuff!

Since I can't get the full fledged version of "The Gates Of Myth" out until this summer, I thought I could satisfy your curiosity. I've started up my monthly Patreon campaign again. It's totally redone and made even more awesome. It's not just about my Sirena's Children comic series anymore either. It's about all the creative work I do. Novels, comics, animated web series, and hopefully some live action short films eventually.

I'll be posting a new draft chapter from my fourth novel "The Gates Of Myth" weekly. I'll update my "Sirena's Children" comic pages as soon I finish them. That's way more often than the rest of the world reading it on Smackjeeves and Comicfury. Also, I'm posting cool, exclusive web series videos and behind the scenes content.

I'm only asking for $1 a month from patrons. So if you're interested in reading fantasy novels and comics, watching magical animes, and exciting unique superhero series, please bop on over and help me out as a professional artist. Also, $10+ patrons get listed in the credits of comics and web series videos. $20+ patrons get cool merchandise, including signed novels each month.