Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Finished Writing The Gates Of Myth!

Short of about one scene, I've finished writing my fourth novel, entitled "The Gates Of Myth"! I figured that's good enough news to write a blog post about. So, that's the part of this blog post you're probably happy to hear. Next is the not so happy part. There really isn't enough time for the editing and publishing processes before the holidays. I wanted so badly for you guys to be able to read this book for Christmas etc, but I've run out of time.

However, if you do want something Sirena's Children oriented for the holidays, I'm finally selling signed copies of my books. I am so sorry book four isn't ready and in print, but it is available for preorder. Individual books as well as a set of three books (at a discount) are on sale and ready for Christmas if that's any consolation.

Considering my track record here with book publishing lately, I've decided to be less ridged with my release dates. A maximum of publishing books every two years is what I'd like to do for now. So "The Gates Of Myth" will most definitely be out by next summer. Also, on the in-between years, I'm planning to finally get some awesome audio book adaptions released.

Next year is going to be huge in terms of what I'm coming out with. My Sirena's Children comic adaptions are going to debut. Book four, of course, and potentially an audio book of my first novel, "The Ocean's Call". I've also been working on my animated web series, which are now being done in 3D with a 2D look. I have and will continue to recruit voice actors for them, and the episodes are turning out to be super cool. They're coming to Youtube next Spring.

I've been busy, obviously. I'm so passionate about storytelling and art, that dedicating time to other projects has taken a lot of my focus. As much as I need and want to get more novel writing done, it's impossible for me to force it. I'm really so much more than just a writer, but despite that, I will always be an author, and I will come out with new books for as long as I have stories to tell.

So, that's enough of me talking for now. Please check out my store if you're wanting any of those signed books. This is the link:

My Youtube art channel with those web series can be found here if you're interested:

And lastly, here is the new version of my book trailer for "The Ocean's Call".

Thank you so much for reading this blog, for reading my books, and for supporting me. I couldn't do this without you, and I really hope I haven't broken any hearts because of book four's delay. Later guys, and happy holidays!