Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Epic News You Didn't Want To Hear

Okay, so I was hoping my next blog post would go something like: I FINISHED MY BOOK! Sadly it's not quite done, but it almost is. I've been having a truly hard time feeling like myself, and doing a lot of the things I want to get done has been nearly impossible. I think I have a solution, though. I need to get the heck out of my fortress of solitude and exercise!

How I'm 110 pounds and not totally obese is beyond me. As my sister put it, my metabolism just loves me right now. What doesn't love me is my brain and the rest of my body. Hopefully getting back into exercising along with some fresh mountain air will help me feel like me again.

So, speaking of mountains, I'm heading to Estes Park tomorrow with my wonderful grandparents. The change of scenery and quiet walks will be nice. It's also where I was last October when guess what happened?

Okay, here comes the epic news you didn't want to hear. I'm doing 24 hour comic day again! For those of you who don't know what that is or didn't see last year's attempt, 24 hour comic day is where people around the world try to make a twenty-four page comic from start to finish in one day. It was insanely fun last year, and hopefully in addition to perking me up, I'll actually win this time. I made a whopping ten of twenty-four pages, but hey, it was my first try! If anyone wants to check out what I make, I'll be posting each page as I finish them here on this blog.

Totally epic, right?!

Or not... Well, thanks for reading! See you on October, 3rd for some comic making madness. Later folks!