Thursday, January 22, 2015

Early Access To "Sirena's Children: The Graphic Novel"

I came up with a cool idea this week. What if I let people have early access to my comic series, "Sirena's Children: The Graphic Novel"? I really love to share my work as I make it, and it sure does take awhile, too. I want to make several of these comic pages available for free online, and that might mean the entire first issue eventually.

Here comes the part I'm shy about... For anyone who is interested and would like to support me and this comic series, I'm offering early access to all the pages for at least $1 per month on I would love the support of anyone who would like to check out the link.

Phew! I got that shamefully promotional and boring part over with! :P Time for the freebies!

Sirena's Children #1: Page 1

Shattered Elements #1: Page 2

Thank you so much to everyone who enjoys my writing and my artwork. You all make my day every day.