Thursday, January 22, 2015

Early Access To "Sirena's Children: The Graphic Novel"

I came up with a cool idea this week. What if I let people have early access to my comic series, "Sirena's Children: The Graphic Novel"? I really love to share my work as I make it, and it sure does take awhile, too. I want to make several of these comic pages available for free online, and that might mean the entire first issue eventually.

Here comes the part I'm shy about... For anyone who is interested and would like to support me and this comic series, I'm offering early access to all the pages for at least $1 per month on I would love the support of anyone who would like to check out the link.

Phew! I got that shamefully promotional and boring part over with! :P Time for the freebies!

Sirena's Children #1: Page 1

Shattered Elements #1: Page 2

Thank you so much to everyone who enjoys my writing and my artwork. You all make my day every day.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Comics Update

Yes! I posted before an entire month passed! :P

So, some of you might be wondering what on earth happened to my Fallen Faeries comic. I have been working on it, but it's going to need to be a side project. Therefore, it won't be out as soon as I hoped. I will continue to post pages on this blog as a finish them, though.

The same is true of another side comic I've started called Shattered Elements. It's a fantasy comic series based on a dream I had. I had an amazing dream about a character, a female robin hood if you will, and I felt like I absolutely had to start drawing her. I'm really great at coming up with way too many ideas. :P

My main comic priority is to work on my graphic novelization of my fantasy book series, Sirena's Children. I'm working on the first issue now, but it's in the penciling stages. I'll post some pages when I'm ready and I finish all the color work. However, I don't plan on posting all the pages for free. A girl's gotta eat after all. I hope you enjoy what I do post, though.

In other news, I'm still making good progress with my fourth novel, The Gates Of Myth. I've written a chapter and a half this week, and even though I'm still pretty close to the middle of the tunnel, I'm starting to see a light at the end.

Thanks for checking out this post and my blog. A special thanks to everyone who reads and buys my books. It means a lot to me. When I first started out in this author business, I didn't expect much to come of it, but you've helped make so many dreams come true, so thanks. ^__^

Here is the first page of Shattered Elements. I'm still working on the second page, but I'll post it soon. It's more cartoony than a lot of my other stuff, but I like that once in awhile.