Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Finished Writing The Gates Of Myth!

Short of about one scene, I've finished writing my fourth novel, entitled "The Gates Of Myth"! I figured that's good enough news to write a blog post about. So, that's the part of this blog post you're probably happy to hear. Next is the not so happy part. There really isn't enough time for the editing and publishing processes before the holidays. I wanted so badly for you guys to be able to read this book for Christmas etc, but I've run out of time.

However, if you do want something Sirena's Children oriented for the holidays, I'm finally selling signed copies of my books. I am so sorry book four isn't ready and in print, but it is available for preorder. Individual books as well as a set of three books (at a discount) are on sale and ready for Christmas if that's any consolation.

Considering my track record here with book publishing lately, I've decided to be less ridged with my release dates. A maximum of publishing books every two years is what I'd like to do for now. So "The Gates Of Myth" will most definitely be out by next summer. Also, on the in-between years, I'm planning to finally get some awesome audio book adaptions released.

Next year is going to be huge in terms of what I'm coming out with. My Sirena's Children comic adaptions are going to debut. Book four, of course, and potentially an audio book of my first novel, "The Ocean's Call". I've also been working on my animated web series, which are now being done in 3D with a 2D look. I have and will continue to recruit voice actors for them, and the episodes are turning out to be super cool. They're coming to Youtube next Spring.

I've been busy, obviously. I'm so passionate about storytelling and art, that dedicating time to other projects has taken a lot of my focus. As much as I need and want to get more novel writing done, it's impossible for me to force it. I'm really so much more than just a writer, but despite that, I will always be an author, and I will come out with new books for as long as I have stories to tell.

So, that's enough of me talking for now. Please check out my store if you're wanting any of those signed books. This is the link:

My Youtube art channel with those web series can be found here if you're interested:

And lastly, here is the new version of my book trailer for "The Ocean's Call".

Thank you so much for reading this blog, for reading my books, and for supporting me. I couldn't do this without you, and I really hope I haven't broken any hearts because of book four's delay. Later guys, and happy holidays!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

24 Hour Comic Day 2015 - Page 3

Okay, there are a couple reasons this page took me this long. One, I got killer stomach pain out of the blue. It's gone now, thank goodness, but here's the other reason. See, 24 hour comic day is supposed to be a huge stress reliever where it doesn't matter what quality I'm drawing at or what I'm drawing. Somehow, though, I've picked a topic so different than my usual comfort zone that I'm finding it painful to even work on it. I love stories, but in my fifteen minute plotting session, I seriously picked a bad topic to stick with for 24 hours.

It has been seven hours since I started this project, and I've only finished three pages. So I could either stick with this story until the end and not enjoy it, start a new one from scratch and work 24 more hours, or call it good enough. I feel so horrible about not finishing what I mean to lately, but I just think I need to call this good enough. I'm sorry for disapointing anyone, but I'm not feeling it today like I was so sure I would. I hope you understand.

Next time I'll come back to this blog with some much better news. More likely than not, it will be related to my fourth book, "The Gates Of Myth".

Here is page 3:

24 Hour Comic Day 2015 - Page 2

Four hours to make two pages...lovely. I'd better get faster, but this was a pretty tough page with quite a bit of dialog. See you when I have page 3 done! Here is page 2:

24 Hour Comic Day 2015 - Page 1

Okay, so my starting time was 9am. That means I just have until 9am tomorrow to finish everything. I took about an hour to plan everything, as expected, then I took another hour to create this page. I'll have to pick up the pace a bit if I'm going to get this done. It's recommended to get each page done within 45 minutes as opposed to an hour. Still, so far so good! Here is page 1.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Epic News You Didn't Want To Hear

Okay, so I was hoping my next blog post would go something like: I FINISHED MY BOOK! Sadly it's not quite done, but it almost is. I've been having a truly hard time feeling like myself, and doing a lot of the things I want to get done has been nearly impossible. I think I have a solution, though. I need to get the heck out of my fortress of solitude and exercise!

How I'm 110 pounds and not totally obese is beyond me. As my sister put it, my metabolism just loves me right now. What doesn't love me is my brain and the rest of my body. Hopefully getting back into exercising along with some fresh mountain air will help me feel like me again.

So, speaking of mountains, I'm heading to Estes Park tomorrow with my wonderful grandparents. The change of scenery and quiet walks will be nice. It's also where I was last October when guess what happened?

Okay, here comes the epic news you didn't want to hear. I'm doing 24 hour comic day again! For those of you who don't know what that is or didn't see last year's attempt, 24 hour comic day is where people around the world try to make a twenty-four page comic from start to finish in one day. It was insanely fun last year, and hopefully in addition to perking me up, I'll actually win this time. I made a whopping ten of twenty-four pages, but hey, it was my first try! If anyone wants to check out what I make, I'll be posting each page as I finish them here on this blog.

Totally epic, right?!

Or not... Well, thanks for reading! See you on October, 3rd for some comic making madness. Later folks!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Why I'm Going To Finish Book 4 This Month

Hey guys! I know it's been forever since I wrote a blog post, but here I am. It's been a busy few months, and I wasn't able to get my fourth novel finished last April. Camp NaNoWriMo happens twice a year though. It's this July too. Here's why this month will be different from last Spring...

I've threatened myself into the ultimate embarrassment if I fail. The nightmare I'll have to go through with is none other than me singing for everyone on my Youtube channel. The worst part is, I absolutely can't sing.

So, I'm suddenly super, SUPER motivated to get this novel finished. I'll keep you updated on the progress, and I will do my best to get book four published and out there before the end of this Summer. Until then, you can always watch the video version of this announcement. It's on my art oriented Youtube channel.

Here it is:

Saturday, April 25, 2015

"What if one look at the ocean changed your life forever?" Sirena's Children Page #2

What if one look at the ocean changed your life forever?

That's the moment this comic page is all about. It's a defining moment in the life of my character, Cassie. It also took a lot longer to post that I had planned.

I was going to post it much sooner, but something happened that made me question whether I should go forward with my graphic novelization. I came across a piece of comic art, and the instant I saw it I thought: I wish my comics looked that good.

I suddenly felt like my artwork wasn't good enough for my graphic novelization. How could I settle for anything less but the best it could be? Shouldn't I just get good enough at drawing first? I debated about this for a long time, almost giving up on this comic series for who knows how long. Then I realized that comic drawing skills improve best by making comics. Besides this is the art project I feel most passionately about.

So maybe this comic series doesn't look as amazing now as it will in the future, but that will be something worth seeing. It's time to stop procrastinating and worrying about the what ifs. This story needs to be brought to visual life.

However, I do think I need to take a step back and simplify the coloring a little, because that is taking me way too many hours for this to be practical. I also think there are things about some of the line art I'd like to rework, particularly in the character art. Once I have a better grip on the look and process, I will surge forward though this. Other than those two things, I think I'm ready to give this another go.

I'm sorry I haven't posted more on this blog. I'm also sorry this comic page isn't fully shaded, but I didn't want to spend too much more time on something that wouldn't be the final product.

Enough rambling! Here is page #2!

In other news, my fourth novel is still in the works. I will get it written and published as soon as I can manage to. It's hard to find my writing spirit lately, though. It's not a dispassion with the story so much as the medium. My writing mood isn't coming to me as often as I'd like, but I'll push through the block. Until my next post, thank you for reading, and I'll talk to you later.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Camp NaNoWriMo 2015!...And Animation?!

Hi everyone. Long time no see! Sorry I'm so late posting on here. At least it's been less than two months since my last post. I will post some more comic pages soon, but I'd like to talk about some other things today.

Firstly, Camp NaNoWriMo 2015 is coming up in just two weeks! April is the first of two miniature versions of the main event in November that happen every year. I will try to get a really awesome word count in and finally finish book four.

Truthfully, though, I have so many creative interests, that I don't always feel liking writing. This is not me being lazy. This is me having a hard time forcing myself to write when I'm not in the "mode". When I'm not in that writterly state of mind, my writing becomes forced and less good. That can make a book suffer a little, and I really want my books to be the best they can be. I'm going to do my best to shift my focus a bit from my artwork to my writing and just get book four done this April.

Speaking of artwork, I've recently discovered something that is so fun and addicting that it's been a major distraction: I'm actually pretty good at animation! More precisely, I've been making hand drawn animes. Some of my animation work is just for fun and less professional, as in I record all of the voices and they aren't hand drawn. My more serious work is different, though. I'm still kind of shy about sharing it with you guys, as I've mostly just talked about myself as an author. I'm very much an artist too, though.

This is a teaser trailer for a fantasy anime in the works called "Hunting Shadows". It's based after an old web comic of mine. It has no relation to my book series, but it does include sirens. I also post time lapsed videos of myself animating on the Youtube channel which you can find here.

Thanks for reading. I hope you liked this post, and thank you to everyone who enjoys what I create. It means a lot when you do. ^__^ Later folks!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Early Access To "Sirena's Children: The Graphic Novel"

I came up with a cool idea this week. What if I let people have early access to my comic series, "Sirena's Children: The Graphic Novel"? I really love to share my work as I make it, and it sure does take awhile, too. I want to make several of these comic pages available for free online, and that might mean the entire first issue eventually.

Here comes the part I'm shy about... For anyone who is interested and would like to support me and this comic series, I'm offering early access to all the pages for at least $1 per month on I would love the support of anyone who would like to check out the link.

Phew! I got that shamefully promotional and boring part over with! :P Time for the freebies!

Sirena's Children #1: Page 1

Shattered Elements #1: Page 2

Thank you so much to everyone who enjoys my writing and my artwork. You all make my day every day.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Comics Update

Yes! I posted before an entire month passed! :P

So, some of you might be wondering what on earth happened to my Fallen Faeries comic. I have been working on it, but it's going to need to be a side project. Therefore, it won't be out as soon as I hoped. I will continue to post pages on this blog as a finish them, though.

The same is true of another side comic I've started called Shattered Elements. It's a fantasy comic series based on a dream I had. I had an amazing dream about a character, a female robin hood if you will, and I felt like I absolutely had to start drawing her. I'm really great at coming up with way too many ideas. :P

My main comic priority is to work on my graphic novelization of my fantasy book series, Sirena's Children. I'm working on the first issue now, but it's in the penciling stages. I'll post some pages when I'm ready and I finish all the color work. However, I don't plan on posting all the pages for free. A girl's gotta eat after all. I hope you enjoy what I do post, though.

In other news, I'm still making good progress with my fourth novel, The Gates Of Myth. I've written a chapter and a half this week, and even though I'm still pretty close to the middle of the tunnel, I'm starting to see a light at the end.

Thanks for checking out this post and my blog. A special thanks to everyone who reads and buys my books. It means a lot to me. When I first started out in this author business, I didn't expect much to come of it, but you've helped make so many dreams come true, so thanks. ^__^

Here is the first page of Shattered Elements. I'm still working on the second page, but I'll post it soon. It's more cartoony than a lot of my other stuff, but I like that once in awhile.