Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy Holidays And Some Graphic Novel Concept Art

Hello and happy holidays everyone! I know it's a little late, and it's been forever since I posted on here, but a lot has been going on this month. For starters, I finally got my wisdom teeth pulled. That took half the month to recover from. Then, just around Christmas, I got sick and couldn't do much of anything. So, now that I'm feeling mostly better, I can do some more blogging.

Okay, now that I got the boring stuff out of the way, here's what you'd probably rather read about. Firstly, I am making progress with writing the rest of my fourth book. It still has a ways to go, but I'll get there. Even though NaNoWriMo is over, I'm still meeting up with some of my writing buddies every couple of weeks to work on it, so that's nice.

In other news, one of my goals for next year is to work on my graphic novelization of my first book "The Ocean's Call". I recently did some concept art(see below) to try and get a feel for how it will look. I'm not perfectly happy with some things, like the foreshortening, however, I think it's a good start.

Hopefully I will also have more of my comic "Fallen Faeries" to show you soon as well, but with everything going on, I haven't had much time for it. Thanks for reading my blog everyone. Later!