Sunday, September 15, 2013

Book #3 is in the Works

The title says it. I'm already working on book #3 of my series, Sirena's Children. So what has brought on this sudden burst of inspiration? What's with this writing drive after taking so long to finish book #2? Honestly, I'm not sure, but it's definitely a good thing.

It could simply be because I'm less stressed. I finally graduated from high school, which has taken a huge burden off my shoulders. My personal life is going pretty well, although I should try leaving my fortress of solitude more often.
(Fortress of Solitude definition: my room.)

In fact, I'm feeling so good, that I'm honestly considering tackling a huge goal for this fall. That goal is to finish book #3 before November, then write book #4 during NaNoWriMo. Yes. You read the word. National Novel Writing Month is a definite possibility.

I won't be so busy stressing over my classes this time because I'm not in school anymore. Hopefully, that among other things will make a huge difference. Don't get me wrong. I love school. I'd like to go to college someday. Sadly, I don't know what I want to study yet, and I want to spend my money wisely.

Anyway, back to book #3. It has a good, ready to use, outline, and I've already written 11,500 words. That means I'm more than 1/5th done with it! So far I'm on a roll. Don't get too excited, though. I'm still planning to release my books annually to keep me sane.

This book has been a challenge so far. It's not like anything else I've ever written. The reason for this includes spoilers, but I can say this: I've been, and will continue, doing a lot of research for it. Research of this kind is very new to me. I'm used to doing a fairly minimal amount of research when it comes to my writing, but this book is different. It's going to be special.

The name of book #3 most likely wont change. The same goes for its cover. 

In other not so awesome news, I have an announcement to make. For business reasons, starting on November 1st, my books will only be available on I thought I should give you fair warning, so there it is. More information about my books can be found on my website.

Thank you for reading, and I'll post again very soon. Actually, I should make that Queen of Overdue Blogging style. Later folks!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Siren's Apprentice is Available in More Formats

Here's a post that's way overdue, but that's not unexpected considering my title as the Queen of Overdue Blogging. So here's the latest news. The Siren's Apprentice is now available in print, as a Nook ebook, and in several other formats via

For those of you who would like to read my second book in a format besides Kindle, here are the links: Print, Nook, Smashwords

Also, I've recently enrolled both The Ocean's Call and The Siren's Apprentice in the new Kindle MatchBook program. This means, that if you buy the print version of the book, you can get a discount on the digital one. In the case of The Ocean's Call, that means a free ebook! The Sirens Apprentice would be $0.99.

Thank you to everyone who reads my books. It means a lot to me. Later folks!