Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Siren's Apprentice is Published!

This is an awesome day, folks. The sequel to The Ocean's Call, my new novel called The Siren's Apprentice, is now published! It is available on Kindle at this very moment. It will be available for Nook in addition to other formats soon. For now, you can get it on Amazon if you're interested. Also, the paperback will take awhile too. The process of preparing print books is a slower one than ebooks.

In any case, I hope you will give The Siren's Apprentice a try. I hope you will enjoy it. I hope this long journey will end amazingly. However, don't think the even longer one is over. I still have to write book three, don't I?

Yes. There will be a book three. I have plans for more books after that too. I hope you'll stay with me, and read Cassie's story! For more information about my novels, please continue reading.

The Ocean's Call

When Cassie moves from the oceanless Rocky Mountains to a small fishing town in California, she expects the worst. But when she sees the ocean she immediately feels it calling to her. Not long after her first swim in salt water, she learns that not only can she hold her breath for six hours, she has grown a tail! Cassie is a mermaid, and after awhile it becomes apparent that something bigger is at play. Desperate to find the truth about her birth parents, she searches for answers. Discovering sunken ships and stone tablets written in ancient Greek is only the beginning. With the help of her friends and her newly found powers, she just might figure out what's going on, before it's too late. . .

The Siren's Apprentice

After the twisted events of Halloween, Cassie wants nothing to do with her siren kin. When a strange boy shows up at her school, however, she is inevitably pulled deeper into their world. Not only is David Turner a siren, he's supposedly her future mate. New complications arise during the next full moon. The power of the Blood Moon running through her veins acts up, causing her and Sirena to unleash something from the darkest depths of the ocean. A malevolent sea daemon that should only exist in myths and legends. It brings with it promises of death, destruction, and the downfall of Cassie’s entire world.

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