Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Ocean's Call is $0.99!

As of this writing various retailers, such as Amazon, are setting the price of The Ocean's Call to $0.99! This will most likely be for good. I'm hoping more people will be willing to give my fantasy series a try because of it.

Also, The Siren's Apprentice is on its way! Camp NaNoWriMo is starting in a week, so I finally have an excuse to finish the book. I'll probably just start writing before then though. I'm finding it hard to wait. I guess special events like this make me more excited than just any time of year.

The only not so nice news in this post is that I've unpublished The Siren's Apprentice on Viewing the old rough draft chapters is no longer possible. I've since updated and added onto them, and I would rather just offer you the final work. Don't worry, the ebook will be on Smashwords again in its finished form.

Lastly, I again want to thank everyone who has bought my book and checked out this blog. It means so much to me that people read what I have to say on here and in Cassie's world.

If you're interested in reading The Ocean's Call, here are links to the sites where you buy them:

Also, here are the book trailers for The Ocean's Call and The Siren's Apprentice.
The Ocean's Call