Thursday, November 22, 2012

My NaNoWriMo Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!(if you're in the states at least). The queen of overdue blogging has returned.

So, I'm sure all of you are looking forward to a nice turkey dinner with your families. I am too, but I'm also burdened with an extra agenda.

Aside from helping my mom cook another excellent Thanksgiving dinner, lavish with cranberry chutney, dripping with mesmerizing gravy, and with pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes, I have to write a ton of words today.

During NaNoWriMo, you don't even get the holidays off, and I'm precariously behind. I have nine days left to finish my book, The Siren's Apprentice. I have nine short little days to write 30,000 words!

My incredible master plan has proved very ineffective, or maybe I'm just being ineffective. Either way, that doesn't matter. I have to push myself to the limits in order to get this book done. Since this week is a vacation week for me, I need to get most of the work done in the next four days. After that, the new term starts, which might be a bit stressful. My goal is to write 26000 words by the end of Sunday, and to write what's left during the school week. School wears me out a lot, so the tedious stuff needs to be done first.

Do I sound insane yet? Good. That means I just might get this all done in time. If not, please forgive me for not being a master at meeting deadlines. I'm still a teen, and this is only my second book. I want to get it done in time, and I'll be embarrassed if I don't, so I'm just going to try and get some words in while I have time. The sweet potato casserole has a deadline too, so I'd better say goodbye for now and pound out what I can.

Later folks! Don't think you've seen the last of me, even if I am the queen of overdue blogging. ;)