Thursday, July 19, 2012

My room is scary now

Over the past few days I've been cleaning up my room so I can set up my mini recording studio. The result is that three quarters of my stuff are now gone. I must have thrown out a couple hundred pounds of things, including my Barbies(yes I used to play Barbies). A few other things from this horrifying list of keepsakes also included my old claymation stuff, a fake disembodied arm(I used to have a passion for making horror movies. They sucked.), and most gruesome of all, hundreds and hundreds of moth eggs... DUN DUN DUN! Lesson learned. Don't leave wool yarn out.(What, I can't know how to knit?)

Anyways, my room is now so empty that it's scary. Yes my room is scary when it's empty. My cat misses what used to be her jungle gym. Now it's all nice smooth wooden surfaces. All my books now fit on one shelf of my book case(I read mostly ebooks now), so I have dedicated an entire shelf to my very own self published novel, The Ocean's Call. It is on fabulous display(thank you person who invented book ends).

So aside from that scariness, one piece of the jungle gym still remains. My old Windows 2000 ME. It is currently in the process of wiping itself clean for donation. It should finish in about a week.(lol! Maybe just the weekend.)

So my podiobook production is going to be delayed for just a bit. In the mean time, feel free to check out some of my ancient horrors.