Friday, July 20, 2012

My recording studio went kaput

Today my dad helped me set up my mini recording studio. The entire thing was only a high quality mic and my laptop. It seemed great at first, but I kept hearing this annoying humming sound. It just so happened to be my dinosaur of a computer(the Windows 2000 ME). So I settled down in a comfy chair. All seemed well, then I heard nasty crackling sounds.

What happened? Well, the mic adapter was so large that it reached the chair arm. So with one end of the adapter leaning hard against the chair arm and the other end in my laptop... it destroyed my microphone input.

My laptop only has a built in, cordless recording system left. I was dismayed to the point of wanting to cry, but I reminded myself that there were people all over the word going though a lot worse things. It seemed incredibly petty considering what the shooting victims and their loved ones were going through.

I took a break, then I decided to try out the microphone on my dinosaur(the WinMEsaurus). After restarting it, I was delighted to find that the mic wasn't broken. This delightful feeling lasted about five minutes. The computer's recording quality was terrible. The sound recorder had an exceptionally low bit rate per second.(non techy translation: a really small, really bad file)

It became apparent that I could not use my dad's fancy microphone, so I made a decision. I will just use my laptop's built in recording system. It's a Windows 7 Studio laptop with a great sound card. I listened through some of my recordings, and even though it's not 100% studio perfect, it's super close.

So what if my depressingly small recording studio went kaput. This podiobook is going to make it!