Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Author interview with J. Naomi Ay

A few days ago, J. Naomi Ay, who is the author of several science fiction novels, interviewed me.

You can find the interview here on her blog.

Even though I haven't read any of her books, they look very good. Although maybe different in her books, the writing style of her blog is entertaining, thoughtful and witty. It is well worth checking out.

If you're an epic space saga fan, you should also check out her The Two Moons of Rehnor Series and The Journey to Rehnor Series on her website.

Friday, July 20, 2012

My recording studio went kaput

Today my dad helped me set up my mini recording studio. The entire thing was only a high quality mic and my laptop. It seemed great at first, but I kept hearing this annoying humming sound. It just so happened to be my dinosaur of a computer(the Windows 2000 ME). So I settled down in a comfy chair. All seemed well, then I heard nasty crackling sounds.

What happened? Well, the mic adapter was so large that it reached the chair arm. So with one end of the adapter leaning hard against the chair arm and the other end in my laptop... it destroyed my microphone input.

My laptop only has a built in, cordless recording system left. I was dismayed to the point of wanting to cry, but I reminded myself that there were people all over the word going though a lot worse things. It seemed incredibly petty considering what the shooting victims and their loved ones were going through.

I took a break, then I decided to try out the microphone on my dinosaur(the WinMEsaurus). After restarting it, I was delighted to find that the mic wasn't broken. This delightful feeling lasted about five minutes. The computer's recording quality was terrible. The sound recorder had an exceptionally low bit rate per second.(non techy translation: a really small, really bad file)

It became apparent that I could not use my dad's fancy microphone, so I made a decision. I will just use my laptop's built in recording system. It's a Windows 7 Studio laptop with a great sound card. I listened through some of my recordings, and even though it's not 100% studio perfect, it's super close.

So what if my depressingly small recording studio went kaput. This podiobook is going to make it!

A word of acknowledgement about the Colorado shooting

I would like to address something important that happened late last night. In my home state of Colorado, 12 people were killed and 38 others were wounded. This took place in a movie theater of all places. It was showing the new Batman film when a 24 year old man named James Holmes came in dressed up like the Joker and shot 50 innocent victims.

Most of you probably already know this story as it has gone international, but I wanted to take some time to talk about it. I also want to let the victims, as well as their friends and families, know how sorry I am. I wish the dead peace and the wounded a quick recovery. Good luck everyone. Just hang in there. Know that there are people who care and want to help.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My room is scary now

Over the past few days I've been cleaning up my room so I can set up my mini recording studio. The result is that three quarters of my stuff are now gone. I must have thrown out a couple hundred pounds of things, including my Barbies(yes I used to play Barbies). A few other things from this horrifying list of keepsakes also included my old claymation stuff, a fake disembodied arm(I used to have a passion for making horror movies. They sucked.), and most gruesome of all, hundreds and hundreds of moth eggs... DUN DUN DUN! Lesson learned. Don't leave wool yarn out.(What, I can't know how to knit?)

Anyways, my room is now so empty that it's scary. Yes my room is scary when it's empty. My cat misses what used to be her jungle gym. Now it's all nice smooth wooden surfaces. All my books now fit on one shelf of my book case(I read mostly ebooks now), so I have dedicated an entire shelf to my very own self published novel, The Ocean's Call. It is on fabulous display(thank you person who invented book ends).

So aside from that scariness, one piece of the jungle gym still remains. My old Windows 2000 ME. It is currently in the process of wiping itself clean for donation. It should finish in about a week.(lol! Maybe just the weekend.)

So my podiobook production is going to be delayed for just a bit. In the mean time, feel free to check out some of my ancient horrors.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello World!

I want to explain a few things and hopefully get rid of any confusion.

I've started a blog a little late in the game. What is my game? Well, currently, it's that I've self published a book. So whether you want to call me an author or not, that's how I think of myself.

Many authors have blogs before their books are published. So what is my excuse? Sadly, it's that I was reluctant to take the huge step of putting myself out there. Once out on the world wide web, not just as a faceless name on a book cover, but as a person, life might never be the same.

Even though I'm a little late, at least I've finally taken that big step. So, hello world. Hello to everyone who wants to hear what I have to say, everyone who wants to know a little bit about me and my opinions.

The Ocean's Call as a Podiobook?! What's a Podiobook?

While checking out my new friend,, I found out about a cool website called This begs the question, What on earth is a podiobook?
A podiobook is an audiobook that is presented like a podcast. This site hosts free podiobooks from indie authors and publishers.
I personally love audiobooks. I like listening to them and making them. So, since I'm an indie author with a passion for this kind of thing, I've decided to give a try.
It will take me awhile to record The Ocean's Call. I still have to set up my mini(make that VERY mini) recording studio. Fortunately, my dad is a musician, and he's letting me borrow his high tech microphone.
It will be a lot of work to make a podiobook, but it sounds like fun. The first episodes should start showing up in March 2013 with weekly updates. Around the time all the episodes are online, book two should be available in print and as an ebook. =)