Thursday, December 22, 2016

That time when everyone from Sirena's Children played Lavardian Online

A couple years ago I tried to make a real life version of Lavardian online. (Harper and Cody's MMO from the books) I only got a little past the chat and account systems. So in preparation for Nanowrimo one time, I had an epic Lavardian chat session with myself and my cast of characters from Sirena's Children. It was weird and kind of fun. So since I was just thinking of it, I thought I'd share it.

Lizzie: Hey.
Elisabeth: Hi! How are you>
Lizzie: You forgot the question mark. :P
Elisabeth: ha ha ha
Lizzie: These self conversations are really boring. You do know that, right?
Elisabeth: LOL yeahhh....
Anne: Hello. I'm Anne.
Elisabeth: Hi Anne! Welcome to the game.
Anne: ^__^
Lizzie: Sigh... what game? There isn't anything here yet.
Anne: ...
Elisabeth: Lizzie. You have a serious attitude problem.
Lizzie: Yeah right. I'm just being honest. This game is boring and needs serious work. Bye.
Anne: No!!! Don't go!
Lizzie: ...?????.....
Elisabeth: Well. I guess it's just you and me, Anne.
Anne: Yep.
Elisabeth: Man! I miss Lizzie!
Anne: ... :(
Elisabeth: You're great too, my middle name gal.
Anne: Uh huh. I know you don't like that middle name very much so don't lie.
Elisabeth: Sigh... you win.
Lizzie: I'm back. Did you miss me?
Elisabeth: Lizzie! YES!!!
Lizzie: Don't get too clingy or I'll leave again. :P
Elisabeth: ...
Anne: :( You guys are so much closer than me!
Lizzie: Uh. I wouldn't say we're exactly close. heh *sweats*
Elisabeth: We just like bickering at each other.
Anne: You were right Lizzie. This game is boring.
Anne: bye! x(
Elisabeth: Erm... she's weirder than me.
Lizzie: Let's agree to disagree on that.
Elisabeth: You suck.
Lizzie: Dido.
Anne: Hi again.
Elisabeth: Be silent, ye Jade or ye will die!
Anne: huh?
Lizzie: Wierdo...
Elisabeth: We need to be silent for testing purposes, Jades. xD
Cassie: Aarrrg! I hate that word!
Cassandra: Tis a foul word.
Harper: What happened to Lavardian, Cassie?! It's so boring now!
Cassandra: Don't you mean "tis so boring now"?
Harper: Not funny.
Cody: What's up, ladies?
Elisabeth: Get out of here, Cody! Girls only!
Cody: Make me. :P
David: I heard this game was opening for men too?
Elisabeth: You heard wrong! Get out of my game! :( Nah. JK
Evan: So lads are allowed now, eh?
David: Define lads. If you mean men, then you don't count.
Elisabeth: LOL
Ariston: Hello, David.
David: No one invited you, Ariston!
Ariston: What, I can't pay my half brother a visit? Shouldn't you be honored I even acknowledge you considering what your traitorous mother did?
David: That is going to far!
David: Ariston, son of Galen! I challenge thee to a duel!
Ariston: ...
Anne: That isn't possible right now.
Evan: Why not?
Evan: I want to see David get beat up!
Elisabeth: Because we can only use the chat feature so far.
Harper: You have totally ruined this game.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

"The Gates Of Myth" Is Published!!!

I have some very epic news. It might have taken an extra year and a half, but my fourth novel is finally published! I finally finished, edited and published "The Gates Of Myth"! Thanks so much to those of you who have read and enjoyed my books. You've encouraged me to get this new chapter of Cassie's story told. I couldn't have done it without you.

By the way, this book might be a huge landmark in the series, but it's not the end of the story. I'll be working on book five next. ;) I haven't given up on writing in the least, and I never will. I might love animation and filmmaking, possibly too much, but writing stories and creating books has always been my first passion.

So, if you'd like to go grab "The Gates Of Myth" over on Amazon, then thank you so much. I'll also be selling signed paperbacks on my personal web store beginning on the 15th. In addition to that, my first book, "The Ocean's Call" will be free from the 10th to the 14th, so if you know anyone who likes mermaid books, it would be a good time to let them know about one or give it as a gift.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Overdue Updates About My Book etc.

Hey guys. This is a long overdue update about the status of my fourth book, "The Gates Of Myth", as well as something else.

I had honestly thought and hoped I'd have The Gates Of Myth published by now, but some unfortunate stuff happened. My noveling software stopped working due to technical issues on my laptop, and so I'm having a tough time remembering what order some chapters and scenes are supposed to be in. I also am going to have to do more re-writing than ever, because I rushed things too much. My heart wasn't in the writing of this book enough, and the quality really suffers in some places. I'll be working on correcting all this in November, so hopefully it will be published for the holidays. I really can't tell you how sorry I am that this has taken so long. It was never my intention for things to play out this way, and I feel really bad.

Writing in general has been tough for me, because I've shifted a lot of my focus to animating web series. I've had many hours of both fun and stress bringing some new stories to life for others to enjoy. They're on Youtube and Amazon for free if you'd like to see what I'm up to. I'm pretty surprised and a bit disheartened, though. A couple people have given both my series some terrible reviews. I know that they're worth more than that, and considering the amount of work my voice actors and I have put into them, I'd hate for those ratings to stay that way. However, I respect people's honest opinions. I don't like haters, but valid points are meaningful. In any case. I would really appritiate it if anyone interested in checking out my animated web series would let me know what they think in their own words. A review or two would mean a lot to me. So, thank you if you do that.

Friday, March 25, 2016

I made an anime episode!

Hey guys, I just released the first part of episode one of my own self produced anime! Its called Hunting Shadows. You could say it's ultimately urban fantasy, but this particular episode is pretty unique. Here's the first episode's premise if you're interested, and the link to the video below it:

After her life is saved by mysterious creatures called sirens, an amnesic girl awakes on an island, alone and with no idea who she is.

Click to watch episode 1!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Early access to "The Gates Of Myth" and other cool stuff!

Since I can't get the full fledged version of "The Gates Of Myth" out until this summer, I thought I could satisfy your curiosity. I've started up my monthly Patreon campaign again. It's totally redone and made even more awesome. It's not just about my Sirena's Children comic series anymore either. It's about all the creative work I do. Novels, comics, animated web series, and hopefully some live action short films eventually.

I'll be posting a new draft chapter from my fourth novel "The Gates Of Myth" weekly. I'll update my "Sirena's Children" comic pages as soon I finish them. That's way more often than the rest of the world reading it on Smackjeeves and Comicfury. Also, I'm posting cool, exclusive web series videos and behind the scenes content.

I'm only asking for $1 a month from patrons. So if you're interested in reading fantasy novels and comics, watching magical animes, and exciting unique superhero series, please bop on over and help me out as a professional artist. Also, $10+ patrons get listed in the credits of comics and web series videos. $20+ patrons get cool merchandise, including signed novels each month.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Finished Writing The Gates Of Myth!

Short of about one scene, I've finished writing my fourth novel, entitled "The Gates Of Myth"! I figured that's good enough news to write a blog post about. So, that's the part of this blog post you're probably happy to hear. Next is the not so happy part. There really isn't enough time for the editing and publishing processes before the holidays. I wanted so badly for you guys to be able to read this book for Christmas etc, but I've run out of time.

However, if you do want something Sirena's Children oriented for the holidays, I'm finally selling signed copies of my books. I am so sorry book four isn't ready and in print, but it is available for preorder. Individual books as well as a set of three books (at a discount) are on sale and ready for Christmas if that's any consolation.

Considering my track record here with book publishing lately, I've decided to be less ridged with my release dates. A maximum of publishing books every two years is what I'd like to do for now. So "The Gates Of Myth" will most definitely be out by next summer. Also, on the in-between years, I'm planning to finally get some awesome audio book adaptions released.

Next year is going to be huge in terms of what I'm coming out with. My Sirena's Children comic adaptions are going to debut. Book four, of course, and potentially an audio book of my first novel, "The Ocean's Call". I've also been working on my animated web series, which are now being done in 3D with a 2D look. I have and will continue to recruit voice actors for them, and the episodes are turning out to be super cool. They're coming to Youtube next Spring.

I've been busy, obviously. I'm so passionate about storytelling and art, that dedicating time to other projects has taken a lot of my focus. As much as I need and want to get more novel writing done, it's impossible for me to force it. I'm really so much more than just a writer, but despite that, I will always be an author, and I will come out with new books for as long as I have stories to tell.

So, that's enough of me talking for now. Please check out my store if you're wanting any of those signed books. This is the link:

My Youtube art channel with those web series can be found here if you're interested:

And lastly, here is the new version of my book trailer for "The Ocean's Call".

Thank you so much for reading this blog, for reading my books, and for supporting me. I couldn't do this without you, and I really hope I haven't broken any hearts because of book four's delay. Later guys, and happy holidays!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

24 Hour Comic Day 2015 - Page 3

Okay, there are a couple reasons this page took me this long. One, I got killer stomach pain out of the blue. It's gone now, thank goodness, but here's the other reason. See, 24 hour comic day is supposed to be a huge stress reliever where it doesn't matter what quality I'm drawing at or what I'm drawing. Somehow, though, I've picked a topic so different than my usual comfort zone that I'm finding it painful to even work on it. I love stories, but in my fifteen minute plotting session, I seriously picked a bad topic to stick with for 24 hours.

It has been seven hours since I started this project, and I've only finished three pages. So I could either stick with this story until the end and not enjoy it, start a new one from scratch and work 24 more hours, or call it good enough. I feel so horrible about not finishing what I mean to lately, but I just think I need to call this good enough. I'm sorry for disapointing anyone, but I'm not feeling it today like I was so sure I would. I hope you understand.

Next time I'll come back to this blog with some much better news. More likely than not, it will be related to my fourth book, "The Gates Of Myth".

Here is page 3: